TreeGO® Canada Brand Name License

The TreeGo® brand name offers complete services to start and operate the business.

Summary of offering:
arrow Full use of TreeGO® name and marketing materials
arrowExclusive territory guarantee
arrow Business planning, operating guidelines and consulting services
arrow Customer activity equipment and support materials
arrow Feasibility study and site plan
arrow Highest standard design, materials, and installation
arrow Annual inspection and maintenance
arrow Staff training
arrow Maintenance handbook
arrow Complete operation manual

This option is not available in all provinces of Canada.

Unbranded Name License

Unbranded "build only" licensed product version.

This model is appropriate for operators of existing resort, tourism, fitness, or recreation facility or locations who wish to incorporate an aerial adveneture course into their larger brand or operation yet want the quality design and construction of a TreeGO® course.

arrow feasibility study and site plan
arrow Highest standard design and installation
arrow Operating requirements and guidance for operators
arrow Additional services on a consulting basis as desired/required (inspection, maintenance, guide training and operation equipement)