According to the inspection standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), TSSA, the aerial adventure park should be inspected on an annual basis by a qualified inspector. 

TreeGO® inspection team is committed to quality and customer care. Our inspectors are certified by ACCT.

 TreeGO® offers  annual  inspections to satisfy your risk-management and liability concerns. These types of control procedures allow to check your installations’ global security and to determine the type of actions that need to be made for compliance measures.

Annual inspection:

Each element of the aerial adventure park is inspected and awarded a score of pass, pass with recommendations, or fail. If an element fails, it should be removed from service until repairs or corrections are made.  A written report which includes a list of tasks to be undertaken will be given to the operator.

Note: When the installations are on trees, a tree health assessment is required each year. This inspection has to be made by an arborist.

Daily inspection

At the beginning of each day, all installations are inspected by the guides. This check-up assesses risks which may arise from vandalism, wear or bad weather. The morning inspection round is a preventive measure taken by guides to ensure safety, cleanliness and the highest level of equipment safety and performance.

Monthly inspection

The monthly inspection is an-depth check-up to monitor equipment condition and evaluate signs of wear and tear. A check list of all equipments which have been verified is given on the Operation Manual. Such an inspection may be necessary after severe weather conditions: storms, high winds, heavy snowfall, etc.