Ready Made For You

TreeGO® represents your opportunity to join our growing team of recreational professionals who have discovered the personal satisfaction and financial rewards of running a TreeGO® business. TreeGO® provides the best ready-made business model and supports a healthy approach to everyday living.

TreeGO® has a reputation for setting the aerial adventure product quality standard. Our courses demonstrate the company's engineering and design excellence, our passion for innovation and safety, and our commitment to protecting the environment.

A Growing Trends

TreeGO® courses are the perfect adventure for children, teens and adults. It is the ideal activity for local community and seasonal visitors, recreation centers, summer camps, and corporate outings. Our courses generally see between 200 and 350 visitors a day or 8 000 to 35 000 visitors per season, depending the size of the park, the location and the period of opening.

Start Planning Now

TreeGO® is further expanding into major tourist areas and urban centres, bringing tree to tree adventure, fitness, and family connections to communities throughout North America. If you are interested in TreeGO® ownership, it is important to plan ahead. The schedule is established early in the year, generally beginning 6 months to one year prior to construction.

Find out more about TreeGO's ® opportunities, and how we can get you started on your own business - today!