• Age and Height Requirements
  • Each TreeGO® course has a height requirement that is designed to ensure that anyone that uses the course can reach, clip into, and clip out of, the safety line system as required. As well, some locations have age requirements for use.Please contact your intended TreeGO® destination in advance to learn about their local height and age guidelines.

  • Progressively Challenging Courses
    Courses must be done sequentially in rising order of difficulty – green, blue, red, and black. Admission generally covers one loop or rotation of all courses usually completed within 2-3 hours.

  • Yellow Course - Just for Kids
  • Children's Course (Yellow) - The following criteria must be met:
    Children (7-11) must always be directly supervised by an adult.
    The Yellow course is not intended for use by adults, but the trails below it have been designed to allow guardians to oversee children on the course.

  • What to Wear and Bring with You
  • Sport shoes (no open back sandals)
    Comfortable clothing (items that cover waist and thighs recommended)
    Long hair must be tied back
    Avoid wearing jewellery, watches and sunglasses
    Everything you need for an outdoor experience (water, sunhat, raingear, etc.) that you can easily wear or put in your pocket.