The goal is to give the best skills to operate the aerial adventure park

TreeGO training
Training Program
All guides receive a 40 hours training before working on a TreeGO® park. They must also have a first aid certification.
Training objectives
  • arrow Learn the rules and regulations
  • arrow Assess participant’s skills level
  • arrow Carry out equipment inspection
  • arrow Give clear customer briefing instruction
  • arrow Acquire and practise rope rescue skills
  • arrow Administer first aid
  • arrow Ensure Team safety
  • arrow Carry out routine course maintenance
Training content
  • arrow Introduction to TreeGO®
  • arrow Rules and regulations
  • arrow House policies
  • arrow Customer welcome, outfitting and briefing
  • arrow Structured patrol rounds
  • arrow Daily opening and closing tasks
  • arrow Rescue techniques
  • arrow Rope exercises
  • arrow First aid kit
  • arrow Emergency plan
  • arrow Accident prevention
  • arrow Guide gear
  • arrow Operation equipment inspection
  • arrow Installation inspection