What is TreeGO®?

TreeGO® specializes in a wide range of adventure products from high rope requirements, service inspections, maintenance and training. Our aerial adventure tree to tree courses offer a diverse and exciting experience within the comfort of knowing you're attached to continuous safety cables.

The aerial adventure course is a much evolved and much more fun version of a military training obstacle courses. The first leisure oriented circuit opened in 2000.


TreeGO®'s experienced team of installation technican participate in on-going training and installation techniques that have been developed and refined in Canada. Our construction methods ensure that all current specification and building standards are rigorously maintained.

We take special care and concern to customize each park to blend in with its natural setting and minimize environmental impacts to maximize tree health and natures lifecycle.




Aerial Adventure

Aerial Adventure

A course consists in a sequence of at height games made up of ladders, zip lines, bridges, Tarzan lianas, logs, swings, surf… which rely on natural assets, such as trees or rocks, for support.

Ludik Adventure

Ludik Adventure

These are play structures that are installed at 0.50m – 0.70m from the ground level (20 to 28 inches) and based upon the concept of tree adventure trails.

Circuit Zip lines

Circuit Zip Lines

A zip line consists in going down a course by wire and pulley. They can be installed on trees, rock faces or on man-made supports.

Built with Your Safety in Mind

  • We want TreeGO® visitors to have the most enjoyable experience imaginable, and that means providing you with the security of expertly engineered structures, quality materials and construction, and continuous inspections.

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  • TreeGO® products meet or exceed strict international industry standards. Through our engineering excellence, our concern for the environment, our partnerships and our passion for quality, innovation and safety, we have gained a solid reputation as leaders in the adventure course industry.

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